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  Bjørg Lødøen - CV  

BJØRG LØDØEN (7 December 1931- 5 March 2009)

Born in Oslo, Norway

Painter , graphic artist and composer



Henie-Onstad Art Collection, Høvikodden, Norway

(Together with Rolf Aamot)

Norwegian Culture Council

Oslo Concert Hall, Norway

Norwegian Bank, Oslo


Solo Exhibitions:

The Artistgallery, Oslo, Norway                                      1961              

Oslo Art Society, Norway                                                1966              

The Artist House, Permanent, Oslo, Norway                  1973                  

The Artist House, Oslo, Norway                                                         

In correlation to Rolf Aamots exhibit                                1976              

Gallery Bjerke, Oslo, Norway                                           1996                 

Oslo Town Hall Gallery, Norway                                      1999              

Kongsvinger Art Society, Norway                                     1999               

Anders Svor Museum, Norway                                         2000                                                       


Biennale Internazionale dell Arte Contemporanca,

Florence Biennale, Italy                                                         

In correlation to Rolf Aamots ”Energy”                                2007

State Art Exhibition, Bergen Art Museum, Norway         

In correlation to Rolf Aamots ”Actio”                                    2000                     

Henie-Onstad Art Center, ”Video Art Festival”,

Norway (Together with Rolf Aamot)              1993    1996   1999         

Henie-Onstad Art Center, Norway

In correlation to Rolf Aamots exhibit                                     1995

Bergen Art Society                                                                  

In correlation to Rolf Aamots exhibit                                     1994

National Film Institute, ”Eksperimen”, Oslo, Norway

(Together with Rolf Aamot)                                                   1984 

H.C. Andersen Film Festival, Denmark                                 1980

(Together with Rolf Aamot)

Norwegian Film Festival, Norway                                          

(Together with Rolf Aamot)                                                    1980                              

Gallery F15, Norway                                                               1977

Oslo Bildende Kunstneres Gallery, Norway                             1978

Gallery Landsforeningen Norske Malere, Oslo, Norway          1977                                                 

Lousisiana Museum for moderne kunst, Denmark                                           

(Together with Rolf Aamot)                                                       1975

Edvard Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

In correlation to Rolf Aamots exhibit                                         1975

Art/Video Confrontation, Palais de Beaux Art de Bruxelles,

Belgium (Together with Rolf Aamot)                                         1975                                   

Art /Video Confrontation 74,

Musee dàrt Moderne de la ville de Paris, France                                             

(Together with Rolf Aamot)                                                        1974

UKS, Artist House, Oslo, Norway                                               1972

Berlin Film Festival, Germany (Together with Rolf Aamot)        1971

La Biennale de Venezia, Italy (Together with Rolf Aamot)         1970

La Biennale de Paris,

Musee dÀrt Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France  

In correlation to Rolf Aamots exhibit                                            1969

Youth Biennale , Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark           1966  


Music by Bjørg Lødøen and Rolf Aamot :


”Energy”                                                                                        2005

”Aurora Borealis”                                                                           1991

”Actio”                                                                                            1980

”Structures”                                                                                    1970

”Vision”                                                                                          1969

”Kinetic Energy”                                                                  1967 - 1968      



”Puls”                                                                                              1986  


tonal image drama by Bjørg Lødøen and Rolf Aamot                     1986

”Structures”                                                                                      1979

”Progress”                                                                                         1977

”Visual”                                                                                              1971



Norwegian State Life Grant for Artist                                                 1977

Th. Fearnleys Grant                                                                          1960


Member of:

Norwegian Artist Association



State Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway                                1957 - 1960

State School of Arts and Crafts, Oslo, Norway                       1951 - 1954